You may have noticed that I sign all my posts with “Until Then..” and I realized today that you may not know what I mean by that. This is a rough draft of a poem I am working on called “Until Then” Take from it what you will.

I will say to you someday, Until then
and when I do i want you know what it really means
It means I love you still,
It means I will not forget
It means the door between is closing for a time but it has not been locked
It means I have found something that I want
It means we will meet again
It means I am alive now like I have never been
Its a promise for the future
It a candle of hope in the dark lonely nights

It doesn’t mean Goodbye
It is not an ending, just a change
It does not mean I hate you
It does not mean you are broken
it does not mean I am running away

It simply means its not Our Time, but that Time is coming

Until then I will remember all the words you have spoken
Until then I will not forget how you made me feel
until then I will hold tight to the promises you made
Until then I will find comfort in knowing you where mine and will be again
Until then I will follow my heart knowing that It will lead me back to you
Until then I will be strong
Until then I will keep growing
Until then I will see your smiling face when I am afraid
Until then I will feel your arms around me when I am lonely
Until then I will hear your voice in the darkness
Until then I search the night sky for the moon and know we can share its beauty however far apart we are
Until then I will be patient with your journey, even when it looks like you are walking away
Unitl then I will follow the road before me even when I don’t see your footprints ahead of me
Until then means we will find each other again…this is not the end