My escape plan, The truth behind the mask,

A measure of my soul, The starting line,

The stone that break the vessel, The nail that pops the tire, The spare in the trunk, A landmark, A lifeboat,

A secret chamber, The hiding place, The truth,

The whole story, Where we rise or fall, A turning point,

A suicide note, A morbid death, The day I fly,

My moon and stars, My england, My etch-a-sketch, My easel,

A dry erase board, A sharpie, The origin of old book smell,

My pillow, My blanket, A cup of tea, A walk along a river,

The only hand I can hold, A whisper in my ear, Love, Fear,

A painting, A photograph, A song, A friend,

 A safety deposit box, A letter opener, A prize possession,

A keepsake, A memory, A message in a bottle,

Some long lost courage, My inspiration, My imagination,

A lover, A history, A meal, The contact lens of life,

Glasses for my past, Binoculars for my future,

Telescope for my dreams, A throw of dice, The joker in a deck,

A superhero, A fit of laughter, A map, A tool, A playground,

My swing-set, My record book, My sandbox, My road trip,

A plane ticket, A travel agent, A thunderstorm, A movie,

A collection, A file cabinet, A memorial, A stone, A light,

A switch, A coloring book, A quotation, A soapbox,

 A mountain top, A valley, A coffee break, A standard,

A connection, A walking stick, A library, A power cord,

A tripod, A cell phone, A light bulb moment, Shoe laces,

A surge protector, An eagles perch, A flag, A locker door,

A trophy, A candle, A dream, A time machine and

A life of meaning.