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September 19, 2012

Still hasn’t been a week since I got here and I am starting to find places on my own, went to my bank today and changed my address and spent about half an hour talking to my new personal banker Michael Garcia. I have already hung out with two of Chelsea’s friends Mo and Miles and Chelsea and I meet to teenagers down at the beach thanks to Levi, Kyle and West. I can’t say I am making my own friends yet but I am meeting people. I have been filling out applications online the last two days. I am really hoping something will pop soon, I don’t enjoy waiting in the dark for applications to be processed. It is much easier to fill out applications online but not being able to get face time with a manager makes it harder to know how things will go. I can generally get a read of off people but you just can’t do that with a website. I have a feeling I am going to have to get some applications in person soon but that makes me so nervous. I really don’t like looking for  a job, its very stressful for me. I know I am capable of doing anything I want, it is just the being able to show people who don’t know me at all that I am capable of far above the average. A friend called it the X factor, which apparently I have, but am not so good at broadcasting. On a side note, I found my way to Trader Joe’s and I love it, they have Crumpets, which is something I haven’t had since I was in England quite a few years ago. So that made me happy. I have also discovered I am not a foodie or a beer fanatic like my best friend here is but thats ok, when I get a job I will start making my own friends. I have a feeling some kicking concert are in my future, that is more my thing. The beach is always a great place for me. Well until then, I will continue to find my way in this new world…


Traveling spirit

There is something strange that happen in my soul when I get on a plane. I find peace and calm like I find no where else. There is something about the busy streams of people in an airport terminate that makes me want to slow down and take life at a slower pace. I have heard it said that success is behind the one thing you are afraid to do. For me I think that is getting out of my comfort zone. I am a home body but my soul is that of a traveler and wanderer, someone who has no home but is at home everywhere. Give me a full bank account and strong cell signal and there are very few places I will not go. I relish the idea of living out of a suitcase and meeting different people everyday. I would love to have my friends call me and the first thing they ask me be “what country are you in now?” I love the idea of being tied to nowhere but here is the kicker I am terrified to leave the comforts of the familiar. I think your biggest dreams are linked to your strongest fears. There is no way to have your dream until you face the fear that has controlled you.



So I think I have everything in my bag for my trip to California, or at least I hope I do. There is really only one way to find out if I remembered everything, go to California. I have my wallet, my new iPhone and 5 swimsuits, 2 pairs of flip flops, sunscreen, and my camera. Yeah that about covers all the important things. Well get ready cuz you are coming on vacation with me if you like it or not. I make no promises or predictions. As the Beatles said “Here Comes the Sun”

Until then…

Shopping Spree…ooppppssss


Well thats me, and my new outfit that I got for my up and coming California trip, to be honest not my best picture, but its not bad. I did a little pre trip shopping today. Bought two swim suits, and several pairs of shorts. That is why my post is later in the day then I would like and a little superficial today. Although if you want to find a little depth here is an interesting realization, 6 months ago I would never have posted a picture of me on a sight where anyone could see it, like this wordpress blog, on my facebook yeah, those are my friends and they love me so there would be no judgement.  But out in public like this, that was just too scary. I have come such a long way in my self love that it is alway like I don’t know who I used to be and I couldn’t imagine living any other way. I never used to like to shop but today was rather fun. I even got a vacuum( thanks mom and dad). Well I have a feeling you will be seeing more of my california clothes when I am on vacation. It might be come a photo blog for those days while I am gone. I hope you all had a wonderful day and I will be back tomorrow with a little more depth hopefully

Until Then…

Journal: March 18th, 2012

I am having a hard time finding a starting point today for all the things I want to say, there is just so much. The last three days have been pretty interesting, On friday my boss told me about a job that was opening up in the hospital for a supervisor position, she was a little hesitant to tell me because she doesn’t want to lose me, but thought it would a great opportunity for me and a very god fit for my skills and abilities. I have praying a lot lately about going onto the next thing, whatever that maybe. I have been telling the Lord, “Ok I am pretty done with this current job, I am very thankful for it but I feel like I have mastered it, can I move on to the next thing please, whatever that is.” So I  was very surprised and excited when my Boss told me about this possibility for me. I will be writing a letter tonight and handing in the application tomorrow, there are definitely some butterflies swirling around but I am confident that I could learn all that is necessary to fulfill the job requirements. I am really looking to challenge myself and learn new skills, this could be a great thing for me.

Then today I was at church and saw two people that I haven’t seen in about 5 years that where at one point in my life, very important to me. They shaped and loved me in a very difficult season. I was surprised again today by the effects that people have on our lives and I don’t just mean in what they have taught us or shown us. Have you ever had someone in your life that, as long as they where ok, as long as they where around that your world felt right? I believe there are people that become a part of our lives and when they are struggling you feel it in your life, even when their trials have nothing to do with you. I love my church home, but today having those two people there, I felt a comfort and relaxation that I haven’t since they left. It was almost surreal, I just sunk down in my chair and sorta leaned my head on the back of the chair and breathed out thinking ‘my world is right again’ There are people who become such a fundamental part of your heart that your life is not full without there lives being full. There are roughly six people like that in my life, outside of my flesh and blood family, I hope you have people like that in your life as well.

So yeah pretty go weekend over all, just waiting on one last phone call to make it as near to perfect as this world gets.

Until Then…

Planes, Trains and Automobiles

There is something so romantic and adventurous about traveling, I really believe I would love to live out of a hotel and always be on the more to some place new. I wish I had a job that I had to travel all the time, all over the place. I think that would be a great way to live, every week in a new city, meeting and working with new people. It would be terribly scary but there would so much new life and new challenges that went with it, I don’t think I would get tired of it very easily. I am sure that life style has its draw backs but I would be up for the adventure. I would love to spend my monday and friday in an airport, I love airports, they are one of my favorite things. It makes me sad to drive by my airport, which I do roughly 2 to 3 times a week, it the place I am always ready to go to. I dream of getting a phone call one day from a dear friend or maybe boyfriend and have them say. Pack a bag and go to the airport there’s a ticket there for you.

Then there’s trains, another great mode of transportation, generally very comfortable and a wonderful way to see the scenery or take a nap, or get some work done. The people on them are usually more friendly and accommodating then those on planes. Plus they are just very soothing to my nerves, that idea of freedom, is so much more present on a train than a plane. Planes are more like roller coasters and trains are more like driving a car, it might be the whole traveling on the ground thing, but who really knows.  😉

Yep I think I am going to become a constraint traveler, now all I need is that Job that requires me to travel, all over the world. Where do you find those again?


Until Then…