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September 12, 2012

And then she did the unthinkable, she left home and stepped into the great unknown.


U-haul day

The moment of truth, the fateful day, a turning point, the ending of a chapter and the beginning of a new story. I could go on and on with all the metaphors that we use to describe this moment but somehow they just aren’t capturing what is in my heart. The feeling are all jumbled up, the fear is fueling the excitement, the worry is creating determination and the sad goodbyes hint at joyous hellos. I feel like those two magnets you try and get to stick together that have the same polarity. I am trying to pull these emotions that are on the extreme ends of the spectrum together with me in-between and some times I feel the pressure of them crashing in on me and other moments I wish those forces where there to hold me together.
It’s a strange dilemma living in the tension between two extremes but it also allows you a lot of room to live your life.
Until then…

June 1, 2012 – if I had a plan

If I had a plan it would sound something like this. Pack up all my stuff and sell what I no longer want or need. Rent a small storage unit and put everything in it that I don’t need to have at grandmas. Find someone who will live my puppy enough to take care of him for 1 to 6 months and take what I absolutely need to grandmas. That’s what I got so far and that about all I can handle at the moment. Once those things are completed I will deal with phase 2.

Until Then…

Pre-move preparation

So today I started going thought all my stuffed animals, it’s a little overwhelming making decision about things that are so sentimental to me. But I am also very proud of myself I went from 4 large black garbage bags and an very big box to 2 boxes of keeps and one overfull box to sell or give away. Here is a picture of almost all the stuffed animals I had.