I have in the last couple of days had some interesting conversations with some single girls and it has motivated me to write this piece. The main topic of conversation has been “does he like me and should I ask him if he likes me?”
Alright ladies he’s what I live by currently if a guy doesn’t have the balls to ask you out or make it clear, with words that he likes you HE IS NOT CURRENTLY WORTH YOUR TIME. Society has told us as women that we are supposed to be in a relationship and that there is an undefined age at which being single is a sign that something is wrong with us and we feel this pressure to find a boyfriend an we will do anything to get one. Stop it! Stop doing the work for the man. We are letting them off the hook, they are supposed to purse us and chase us. It’s actually in there biological nature to do that and if we keep throwing ourselves at them, and chasing them down with questions like, do you like me, would you date me, do you think about me? We are doing there job for them. We have made ourselves like an all you can eat buffet, all they have to do is show up and they can have there pick of whatever they want. Do you really want a guy who looks at you that way. Frankly I certainly do not. I want him to work for my attention, he better show me he is not like all the rest.
The main reason men do not live up to our standard is because we let them be less than we want because we are to afraid to be ourselves and be alone. We as women have enormous power and if you don’t find yourself and love being you when you are single then you will never find or know the power that you have. Stop chasing men and start chasing your dreams. A man can’t chase something that’s sitting still or following them around. Stop being the reason men are lazy. Make them freaking work for you attention.