Blog Readers,

Just to forewarn you I am a terrible speller and my grammatical knowledge is poor. If these things bother you please find another Blogger to follow. I will not be offended, actual I will be grateful, because I will not be so worried about being ridiculed for my writing mechanics. I do no wish to waste your time or try your patience. This Blog is a personal challenge for me to put aside my fears of perfectionism and let my words and thoughts be heard. I am working toward publishing a book and this blog is going to help me hone my skills and build confidence. If you wish to help me in this I would appreciate your input but please don’t assume that just because you say something that you will see an immediate response or change. I am an individual and I have free will which I often take full advantage of. I would love to hear from any other writers and authors out there who have advice for someone who is trying to make there way in the business. Most of all keep in mind that We are all works in PROGRESS and my Progress moves at a different pace then your and also I might just be a little earlier in my journey than you are, so don’t try and tear me to piece just because I make mistakes. Mistakes are a sign that I am trying. Every post is an opportunity, when you begin everything is in perfect condition, no spelling errors, no forgotten comma, no miss-placed modifiers, or objects without a preposition, or any number of my other common error, BUT it is also empty and meaningless. If you are able to see past the errors and find the beauty that will be in my words please stay and revel in the wonder that I have found in the world while I continue to discover and share more of its majesty. Laugh with me, rage with me, be confused with me, and cry with me. We will have a year filled with such powerful word but only if your analytical mind can be shut off for a short time to see what lies at the heart of this Women.

Until Then…