The age of the earth, millions or only a few thousand years old? What follows is my beliefs on this questions and the science that backs me up. I would like to at this moment invite anyone who reads this to share it and to also asked questions or make comments on it. I want to generate an environment where discussion is welcome. I would like to start by stating that I believe that the earth is 6 to 10 thousand years old. Yes, this is a believe widely held and taught by evangelical Christians, but I would not like to show you why.

First of all, Carbon Dating. The premise of Carbon Dating is this, that all living things contain carbon, Carbon Based life-forms anyone? So you and me and all things that are classified as living or alive contain carbon, and carbon decays over time. Wow, that interesting right, well the problem with Carbon dating is that Carbon doesn’t decay at a fixed rate. There are environmental things that can change the rate that carbon decays, for example, nuclear explosions, massive disasters like volcanic eruptions and mass flooding. Well, how have scientist accounted for these inconsistencies, they use the layers of the earth. Lets say you find a fossilized bone and you take it to a lab to be Carbon Dated, they will ask you where you found it and how deep, they want to know what layer of the earth you found it in, the Cenozoic, mesozoic, or the Paleozoic, because based on this information they test the carbon in the bone to match the layer it was found in. Well, this may sound all well and good, but let me break it down a little more for you. The scientist is brought a fossil and told its from the mesozoic layer, so then the scientist test the carbon in the fossil until the results say what he already knows. He is told something and then uses a test to back up what he has been told. The reason the scientist has to test and retest the carbon in the fossil until he get the desired results is because he has try and factor in the change in the rate of decay of carbon over time. He guesses, which is all well and good but we must then remember that all carbon dating is a scientific guess, a very well thought out and educated guess not a cold hard fact. So the millions of years theory that is back up by Carbon dating is indeed back up by a guess and should be treated as such.

Lets talk Layers now, popular science teaches that the fossil layers where created over time and at a fixed measurable rate and this is why we know how old things in the layers are. Its like counting the rings on a tree. What popular science doesn’t account for is natural disasters, which I mentioned before, volcanos, floods, fire , etc. I remember watching a documentary on Mt. St. Helen’s. They had photos of a forested valley some distance from the volcano before, during and after it blew. It went from being a nice forested area to all the trees being blown down and then with in a few weeks everything was covered in ash. Several thousands of years worth of sediment had accumulated in a matter of weeks in that valley in a very short time. Popular science would have said the animals they where flash fossilized in that disaster where hundreds of thousand of years old. This is why using the layers of the earth to date the earth is also inconsistent from a scientific standpoint. History and observation has shown us that our best scientific methods are inconsistent but the science community and the school system have not acknowledge this issue.

6 to 10 thousand years you say? Yes, that is what I say and here is why. The bible has very specific and detailed genealogies that tell us who is the son of who and how old someone was when there first born son was born. Honestly very boring stuff to read, its like reading a phonebook to be honest but if your good with numbers, which I am not, you can mathematically figure out how long it has been since the arrival of Adam to the arrival of Jesus on earth. Also in this process these very mathematical men use outside sources besides the bible to corroborate what the historic fact of the bible say, people, and places for example. That is where the 6 to 10 thousand year number from the christian community came from.

Now I have one final point to make here. Popular science tells us that we evolved from single cell organisms to highly evolved, self sufficient, higher intelligence being by random selection and chance, so how can the mind of a being that is here by random change be trusted? The bible and christians say you where created and made by a being that is big and wiser than any of us and that he endowed us with abilities akin to his own. Personal I would be more likely to trust the mind of a purposely created being than one who’s existence came about by chance.

Now that I have said my piece i would like to ask  Are there any questions, quips, quires, axioms, maxim or affirm-isms you would like to share…