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What gets you out of bed

“You have a gift that some never get and all eventually lose. Make every day a story because when it is all said and done, that is all that you have to share.”

A friend shared this with me last night and I have been thinking about it most of the day. Along with the question “what gets you out of bed each day?”

Some days the only thing that pulls me from my fluffy warm bed is the belief that if I do not I will be punished, either with lose of wage or explaining why I was not at work or whatever was on the agenda that day. But really with that mentality it is no wonder I find my daily life unfulfilling. That way of thinking falls in the same category as “playing basketball to not lose, instead of playing to win.” I have alway wanted my life to be a section in History that people loved to read that they would wonder what I would have accomplish if I had lived longer. That is not the story I am currently writing each morning when I wake up. I have so many reason to get out of bed each morning and to stay up late each night. And yet I forget them. I forget how peaceful a sunrise is, I forget how comforting the feel of a keyboard is beneath my fingers and how nature a pen is in my hand. I forget the smell of cut lumber and the feel of a loving hug. I forget the warmth of a familiar and friendly voice. The darkness and seclusion of night dulls our senses and out memories. We slip away to far some nights and forget all that daylight gives.
I am so excited to live in California where the sunshines far more than it does in Montana. I have found a new addiction in the sun and the sea. I am on my way, please wait for me I will be there soon.

Until Then…


Memorial Day 2012

  It has almost ten years since I visited Arlington Cemetery and on this day most of all I remember back to it. It is almost breath taking and also heart wrenching to see all those white headstones, row upon row, upon row of the lives that have been given for mine. As I sit here recalling how it felt to walk around in that place the emotion wash over me again. The sorrow was the first thing to take hold of me, all those men and women who will never return to there loved ones, who will never kiss there lovers, who will never see their children, and for what, they died and sacrificed all they had for me, for a country that argues about the value of their sacrifice and the meaning of their death. I would say to you that their life and their death are far more meaningful than any other that I have know. Politics and worldview do not have the power to touch or taint their sacrifice. I did not feel joy to see those white headstones but I did in time feel honor and courage wash over me. I was honored to be a part, a member of a nation that understands that my individual life is mine and I am free to live as I choose and that there are people all around me who value other more than themselves so much that they will leave the comforts of their home and give there lives for people they will never meet. I am proud to be an american not because of what I have or what I have do, but because my nation understands the power of love and sacrifice.

I will not abide people who speak ill of the military, they are far nobler than anyone I have meet. They freely choose to go into harms way for me. I have had a peaceful and protected life because of the men and women who lay dead in Cemeteries around this country and I will not forget what they have done for me and I will be the first to stand and honor there actions.

Honor Them,

Remember Them


Stand For Them.

True Social Interaction

I was talking with so an older lady at work this last week about the “evil” of facebook and text messaging and she made an interesting point, it may have been a little farfetched but it struck a cord with me. She said, “Young people are going to forget how to hug” I am not sure about you but I have quite a few friends that the only way I interact with them is thru social media, facebook, texting, email and talking on the phone, which I am not saying should be outlawed or stopped. I am so grateful that there are ways I can stay in touch with them.

I heard this quote a while back and it came to mind again while I was talking with my coworker. “We need 4 hug a day for survival. We need 8 hugs a day for maintenance. We need 12 hugs a day for growth.” I personally know the power of touch, I have been called a ‘warm fuzzy’ person and also a ‘huggy person’; my friends all know that I am always available for a hug all they need to do is ask or just spread there arms and I will welcome them with open arms as well. Hugs are so powerful, there is great power in a positive and affirming touch. I was thinking about my daily life and how often I actually receive hugs and how often I give them. There are friends that I have spent hours on the phone with as they walk thru hard times and all I could do was listen but truly deeply in my heart I knew what they need was not for me to say ‘I’m sorry’ or ‘I love you’ they need a hug. That is the one thing that technology never will be able to do for us, that is purely human ability and one that I wish we as a culture did better. I have begun to worry that our attempts at staying connected over social media and using technology is creating people who need even more desperately a human touch. A text message or phone call can change the whole mood of someone’s day but never forget the power of going to a friends house just to give them a hug. Hugs don’t just change your day they can heal your soul.


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Bad Lessons from Disney

Thought this was interesting in light of yesterdays post. I will let you make your own opinions on this one.


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Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sail. Explore. Dream. Discover. – Mark Twain

As I begin to tell people of my plans to move to California I keep getting asked “why” and I have been struggling to answer that question effectively. I know in my heart why I am doing this but that emotion is so hard to express to people and words feel so inadequate to convey how strongly and deeply I wish to move to California. But then today I came across this quote from Mark Twain and finally I felt like the words worked. This quote will become my answer as to why I am moving to Cali. I will be memorizing this one tonight so because I know I will be saying it a lot for the next few months while I work toward my goal.

Until Then…

Earth and Stars

Really this picture says it for me today. I will only add this, I am made of earth so be gentle and patient with me but never forget that I was made to fly among the star and shine brighter than all there burning light. My dream will give me wing, my determination a destination and my passion will light the night sky for lights years all around.

Until Then…

Live above the line

Draw a line and live above it. If you want to be more set the standard higher. If your content being mediocre don’t bother with standards just do what make you feel good. And if you want to continue being mediocre that fine just don’t drag me down with you and don’t be surprised when I don’t listen to what you have to say. I am trying to achieve something far greater than what this world thinks I am capable of so I don’t have time for your excuses and cop out. Call me whatever you want, I don’t care I am going to live above the line and that is that.
Don’t try and tell me that lots of people do this or that, I am not them and don’t ever plan to be. I am not like everyone else, I live far above the norm and I will achieve greater things because of it. Yeah it’s gonna be hard but nothing great was achieved because it was easy. All things worth doing and having take tremendous amount of hard work and heart.

But also know this, if I love you and see great potential in you I will call you up to live a life if a higher caliber. I will call you to the carpet when I think you are living below the line. I will not reject you when you fail or stumble I will be there to support you. I will not make excuses for you or lower my standards but I will love you. My love is the kind that if you stick around long enough you will become a better and greater you. If you stay or if you go is up to you but know this I will expect the best you have to offer but I will never love you less for being less.

Until Then…