I blogged about this over a year ago but felt like it was a good one to share again, especially today when I am stuck at home with swollen eyes from allergies.

This is a concept that I have long believed in, reading peoples eyes. I have become a student of eyes, they are the window to your soul. There is something to be said about facial expressions and body language but not right here right now. The eyes, they are such amazing organs, they do so much. Imagine what your life would be like without them. All the wonders you would miss, sunrises, sunsets, architecture, paintings, faces, food, cars, the list goes on and on. These simple little organs do so much for us, they tell us how far away things are, how fast they are moving, what they are made of or what shape they are. We use our eyes for EVERYTHING. I would challenge you to blindfold yourself or a half hour tonight while you are chilling at home and see how much you appreciate your eyes, and don’t just blindfold yourself and lay down in bed, try to do something, wash dishes, fold clothes, sort your dirty laundry, clean your bathroom…(I suggest nothing involving motor vehicles, sharp knives, or hot elements.) But honestly how often do you forget all your eyes do for you?

Windows to the soul, right, have you ever used your eyes to read someone soul? I say it is possible but it is an art that takes time and patience. It requires a deep look into yourself first and that can often be scary but what is truly frightening is when you look into someone’s eyes and glimpse their soul looking back at you. It doesn’t happen very often, most people don’t know how to see past the pretty or ugly face in front of them into that persons soul. I have seen a great many things but there was nothing sadder than seeing emptiness behind someone’s eyes. I have seen great sorrow and great strength in people. It can take only a moment to see but you must be looking for it. People are less mysterious than they believe they are, its that the people around them are just not very observant.

Become a studier of the souls of men (and women). Look deep, don’t accept the easy answer of “I’m Fine.” Don’t let fear keep you from seeing the true beauty of a person.

Until Then…