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Top ten things you will never miss when they are gone.

10. Extra fat
9. Zits
8. Runny nose
7. Paper Cut
6. Yawns
5. Stomach ache
4. Broken nails
3. Eye twitch
2. Nose bleed
1. Hiccups


Airport Sercurity

I have been thru airport security and customs countless times, and never had trouble except as a young child, I had to get wanded because I had light up shoes. But since then no trouble, I’ve travel solo and wit large groups but today was the first time I was very worried. I am a very good traveler alway very careful to abide by the rules of air travel. No liquids bigger then 3 oz, no nail clippers or anything that could be used as a weapon. Well today I get to hang out with the Memphis TSA staff a little longer than is usual. I put my bag on the conveyer belt and stepped thru the scanner with no problem. A very nice lady pulled my bag from the X-ray machine and asked if it was mine and I politely said “yes” she then told me she need to have a look in my bag. I told her that was fine. She set my bag on a table and then asked “do you have a knife in your bag ma’am?” I shock my head and said “no ma’am”. She then opened up my bad and pulled out my 7 inch fixed blade Kabar.


I am fairly certain I turned white and then bright red with embarrassment. I promise you and them that I had no idea it was in that bag, plus I used that exact bag to get to Mississippi five days ago and the airport in Kalispell did not find it. I was shocked at my oversight and the other airports. I tried to assure them it was accidental and that if they had to confiscate it I was not going to get upset.

As I stood there wondering my fate I see them take my knife to a different security table off the one side and then begin to search thru some drawers until they pulled out a lime green ruler with half the measurements worn off. Then the lady who searched my bag says we may have to call a “LEO” (law enforcement officer) if it’s to big. Honestly lady it’s pretty stinking big. I thought to myself. I tried to stay calm but by this point I’m kinda freaked out. At this point I catch sight of my parent s who look very confused as to what is going on. I try to explain what’s happening across twenty feet of space between us. I mouth “I forgot my kabar in my bag” which took several tries for my mom to lip read. It took three TSA agent several minutes to decide what to do with me but one of them noticed I was talking to someone and asked if they where my parents and I said yes. Then someone who seamed to be incharge came and said “we don’t have to call anyone. Can we give this to your parents?” I apologized profusely and said they could give it to my parents. But I was about half an inch of steel from being taken to 201 poplar in a private lighted carriage ride. That was enought travel excitement for me.

I can guarantee you that before I pack a bag to take to the airport I will be flipping it upside down and vigorously shaking it before I start packing.

Well, until then…

Traveling spirit

There is something strange that happen in my soul when I get on a plane. I find peace and calm like I find no where else. There is something about the busy streams of people in an airport terminate that makes me want to slow down and take life at a slower pace. I have heard it said that success is behind the one thing you are afraid to do. For me I think that is getting out of my comfort zone. I am a home body but my soul is that of a traveler and wanderer, someone who has no home but is at home everywhere. Give me a full bank account and strong cell signal and there are very few places I will not go. I relish the idea of living out of a suitcase and meeting different people everyday. I would love to have my friends call me and the first thing they ask me be “what country are you in now?” I love the idea of being tied to nowhere but here is the kicker I am terrified to leave the comforts of the familiar. I think your biggest dreams are linked to your strongest fears. There is no way to have your dream until you face the fear that has controlled you.

To All My Dear Friends

I want to say something that has been on my mind a lot lately. Actually it started last night when I heard someone say this “if you don’t text me, I’m not going to talk to you” I was shocked at how selfish that statement was. I will be honest with you I have said this very same thing and it made me sick to hear it come from someone else’s mouth knowing it had also come out of mine.
It was a bit of an eye opening moment and there are two things that have blossomed out of it. The first is that I should be more proactive about staying in touch with my friends. I know that at time I can get offended by how distant my friends can be, for whatever reason and that sometimes I crawl up on my high horse and defiantly refuse to be the first one to break the silence and I get even more stubborn when I am personally going thru a tough time. Very often I isolate myself farther and hurt myself more because I am too prideful to say I need support in what I am facing. Yes it’s true that your friends may not be able to do anything that will change what is currently happening but they can listen, they can say they are sorry and they love you, they can come over and sit with you or bring over some beer and distract you and any number of other things. But they can’t do any of those things if you stay on that high horse and refuse to reach out. I know for certain that I do this and I do it quite often.
The second thing I realized way this, how many of my friends don’t know that I am only a text message or a phone call away, that if they made the slightest move or request in a time of need I would be there in any and all ways that I could. So I suppose what I am trying to say is this. Dear Friends please don’t be afraid or worried about reaching out to me when you are having a hard time. If you need a sounding board, I am here, if you need a hug, I’m here. If you need to rant or cry or talk it all out, I’m here. I will be your friend and love you anyway you will allow me but I can’t do that if you cut yourself off from me. I want to help you, I want to love you and support you inwhatever it is that you are doing, please let me be there for you.