I have made my decision, I will not be voting in this years election and my never vote again. Here is why. The system, the whole governmental system is broken. Broken to the extent that it cannot be fixed from the inside, which was tried, or from the outside, which we also tried. I am tried of trusting people who are by the very nature of humanity deemed independent and selfish. I am sick of hearing all the slander and all the lies from everyone involved. The government doesn’t trust us to do right to each other that is why they make law and then we are forced to pick a leader from the same masses that are so untrustworthy that the government wants to control, does anyone else see an issue with this logic. People will not cease to act as people act just because they are give power and responsibility, in fact they will continue to do what they have been doing, being independent and selfish, but not they have more resources to do so. We don’t trust people to drive there cars safely, thats why we have speed limits and DUI law because people are going to do what makes them fill good or gets them what they want. Do you realize that politicians are people too, the laws that govern stupidity where made for them too?! We are being forced to vote for people that are no better than the problem they claim they can fix. They may not have created the problems but I am certain they don’t know how to fix them. The day you can rid a person of all their self serving human nature and bias I will think about voting again. I will not be forces to pick the lesser of two evils, evil is evil, there is no less or more.

Another reason I will no longer vote is this, what difference does my one vote make. I am talking about my vote, Ivy Stracener’s vote, just me, just one. What difference will it make. It’s not like the whom ever gets elected is going to look thru all the ballets until he finds mine and say  “Oh wait, Ivy Stracener didn’t vote for me so I can’t be president” the day that will happen, I will vote. The people I have voted for in the past  don’t know me or care about what I do, no matter how carefully I pick my candidate we will never agree completely and they will never, the night before some vote call me up and, ask me which way to should vote. That’s not how this works. I dare someone out there reading this to prove me wrong, show me how my one vote will make a difference, tell me about some presidential election was decided by a single vote, or even a senate race or how a governor won by a single vote. I dare you!

I do not a solution to the problems of government but just because I can’t fix it doesn’t mean I can’t see when something is broken. I will not pretend to have answers to any of the questions facing the nation I was born into but I will tell you its not he government, they have had decades and decades and they have not made it better they have only created more problems.