I have been following a fellow blogger and today he made a great point today that I want to share with you.

“I don’t believe in closed doors, I just believe in closed windows. Why? There will be some times in your life when a window closes, but you still get to look and see what is going on through that window. We all have the ability to open that window again…trust me. Sometimes you just have to invent new possibilities and find out new ways to make something happen. Doesn’t really matter the details, if you want it you will make it happen. So don’t slam a door on someone or something, but just create another window in your house. People will look in and see what is going on with you, and if you decide to open the window and say hi, then be ready to let the fresh air in. People come and go, this is just a fact of life, but always give them the opportunity to look into your life. There really never is good timing for anything, however, your reactions to life’s constant game of testing you is what truly matters. The goodbyes are never goodbyes…they are just future hello’s waiting by the windowsill.” Evan Sanders thebettermanproject

I found this quote very comforting and challenging in the current season of change in my life. Being half moved and saying goodbye to my loving dog of 7 years has been very emotional but this idea that there are no closed door just shut windows has given me a new perspective and a new hope for my future in California. Just wanted to touch base and share this with others.

Until Then…