To the Jedi Master who protected me all these years, to the McGyver who fixed all my broken toys and treasures and taught me to do it better, to the man who loved me and let me do crazy things, to the man who put a rope swing in the garage, who wrote me poetry and read me my favorite stories even thou you changed the words and made me mad, to the dad who rebouded for me, to the dad who bought me power tools and occasionally broke them, to the dad who traveled with me, who helped me change my tires, who bought me book and teddy bears, to the dad who believed in whatever my dreams were or are, to the dad who took me to the movies and bought me popcorn and candy and soda, to the dad who let me listen to his cool music, to the dad who no matter how old I get still calls me his “sweetie”. I love you so much dad and miss you like crazy. No matter how far away I am I always know you love me and I will always be your “Sweetie”.