Today at work I was a part of a focus group to help make the laundry a better work environment and run better as a part of the hospital. It was funny as I was thinking about the meeting I was a little worried that I wouldn’t have anything to say. Well let me tell ya that wasn’t an issue for long at all. It still some times surprises me how much I really like talking and how opinionated I am. I think, no I am certain I talked the most of the four employees in that meeting. I felt like it was all valid and valuable information but I was definitely the unofficial mouth piece. So funny. Everyone else in the meeting is sitting up in there chairs like students, back straight and hands folded in front of them. Me on the other hand, leaning back in my chair, leg up on one knee and totally relaxed. It was comical to me as I assessed my body posture and I observed the others stiff rigid and tense body posture which lessened as time went on. It was a good meeting but mostly it was an interesting visual of how much I have changed In the last year. What a year it has been.