“You have a gift that some never get and all eventually lose. Make every day a story because when it is all said and done, that is all that you have to share.”

A friend shared this with me last night and I have been thinking about it most of the day. Along with the question “what gets you out of bed each day?”

Some days the only thing that pulls me from my fluffy warm bed is the belief that if I do not I will be punished, either with lose of wage or explaining why I was not at work or whatever was on the agenda that day. But really with that mentality it is no wonder I find my daily life unfulfilling. That way of thinking falls in the same category as “playing basketball to not lose, instead of playing to win.” I have alway wanted my life to be a section in History that people loved to read that they would wonder what I would have accomplish if I had lived longer. That is not the story I am currently writing each morning when I wake up. I have so many reason to get out of bed each morning and to stay up late each night. And yet I forget them. I forget how peaceful a sunrise is, I forget how comforting the feel of a keyboard is beneath my fingers and how nature a pen is in my hand. I forget the smell of cut lumber and the feel of a loving hug. I forget the warmth of a familiar and friendly voice. The darkness and seclusion of night dulls our senses and out memories. We slip away to far some nights and forget all that daylight gives.
I am so excited to live in California where the sunshines far more than it does in Montana. I have found a new addiction in the sun and the sea. I am on my way, please wait for me I will be there soon.

Until Then…