It has almost ten years since I visited Arlington Cemetery and on this day most of all I remember back to it. It is almost breath taking and also heart wrenching to see all those white headstones, row upon row, upon row of the lives that have been given for mine. As I sit here recalling how it felt to walk around in that place the emotion wash over me again. The sorrow was the first thing to take hold of me, all those men and women who will never return to there loved ones, who will never kiss there lovers, who will never see their children, and for what, they died and sacrificed all they had for me, for a country that argues about the value of their sacrifice and the meaning of their death. I would say to you that their life and their death are far more meaningful than any other that I have know. Politics and worldview do not have the power to touch or taint their sacrifice. I did not feel joy to see those white headstones but I did in time feel honor and courage wash over me. I was honored to be a part, a member of a nation that understands that my individual life is mine and I am free to live as I choose and that there are people all around me who value other more than themselves so much that they will leave the comforts of their home and give there lives for people they will never meet. I am proud to be an american not because of what I have or what I have do, but because my nation understands the power of love and sacrifice.

I will not abide people who speak ill of the military, they are far nobler than anyone I have meet. They freely choose to go into harms way for me. I have had a peaceful and protected life because of the men and women who lay dead in Cemeteries around this country and I will not forget what they have done for me and I will be the first to stand and honor there actions.

Honor Them,

Remember Them


Stand For Them.