I was talking with so an older lady at work this last week about the “evil” of facebook and text messaging and she made an interesting point, it may have been a little farfetched but it struck a cord with me. She said, “Young people are going to forget how to hug” I am not sure about you but I have quite a few friends that the only way I interact with them is thru social media, facebook, texting, email and talking on the phone, which I am not saying should be outlawed or stopped. I am so grateful that there are ways I can stay in touch with them.

I heard this quote a while back and it came to mind again while I was talking with my coworker. “We need 4 hug a day for survival. We need 8 hugs a day for maintenance. We need 12 hugs a day for growth.” I personally know the power of touch, I have been called a ‘warm fuzzy’ person and also a ‘huggy person’; my friends all know that I am always available for a hug all they need to do is ask or just spread there arms and I will welcome them with open arms as well. Hugs are so powerful, there is great power in a positive and affirming touch. I was thinking about my daily life and how often I actually receive hugs and how often I give them. There are friends that I have spent hours on the phone with as they walk thru hard times and all I could do was listen but truly deeply in my heart I knew what they need was not for me to say ‘I’m sorry’ or ‘I love you’ they need a hug. That is the one thing that technology never will be able to do for us, that is purely human ability and one that I wish we as a culture did better. I have begun to worry that our attempts at staying connected over social media and using technology is creating people who need even more desperately a human touch. A text message or phone call can change the whole mood of someone’s day but never forget the power of going to a friends house just to give them a hug. Hugs don’t just change your day they can heal your soul.


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