Ever wonder why women stay in abusive or controlling relationships? I blame Disney, specifically Beauty and the Beast. Bell and the Beast relationship begins as a text book case of control. She is literally his prisoner. Bell gives herself to the Beast to save her father. She is locked up in the castle told where she can go and where she can’t go. She is punished by the Beast for disobedience by him with holding food on one occasion. Not to mention he keeps her secluded and isolated from others. Yes, this all changes by the power of unconditional love by the end of the movie and yes it has a very touching and powerful ending but let’s not forget how it all got started. Bell falls in love with the man who takes he hostage. That pretty unhealthy if you ask me. I think in his day and age if this story played out in reality he Beast would have been arrested for cruelty and abuse. Not to mention what Bells close friends would say. I have a feeling it would be something to this effect. “yeah he’s a great guy now but remember when you met, how you met? I think you deserve better than than. What if he regresses back to that after you get married. Why don’t you just find a nice normal guy from town and be with him.” Well Bells friends wouldn’t be wrong to think those thing, I hope we can all agree that her friends would have grounds for those conclusions.
But here is where it gets tricky. Every girl want to be the acceptation to the rules, to meet that guy who become before your eyes all the things you want him to be. The truth is thou that acceptations happen once in a life time. I do not believe I am the acceptation to “the rule”, however I do believe that there is a man out there that I will be the acceptation to his rule. I will be the one who is so different from everything else that he can’t do anything but think about me.
All that being said, abuse is abuse, Bell and the Beast have no business being together but they are. Remember this not all Beastly men are charming princes inside but there are some beasts out there that have charming princes inside. Be wise enough to see the difference.

Until Then…