Did my first phone time in months last night, it wasn’t my best phone time but it definitely wasn’t the worst. I was able to set up a Service call for tonight to sharpen a customers knives. Today’s challenge will to be maintaining a strong and positive mental attitude, especially after the service call because I will be making more calls tonight. I do feel like one of my calls was a strong connection for a demo later next week. Also I did get presented with the opportunity to work for a former Silver Wolf client that we built a house for. I don’t care too much where the money for my move comes from as long as I can earn and save it.
I’m going to be applying at Starbucks before the end of the week for two reasons extra money and they are a company you can transfer to a different location with.
Today I feel pretty good about my plan. I feel like things are looking good and that things are on track, I know there is a long road ahead but it’s looking like a road I can travel down. I know there will be times I want to quit but that’s why I am already building in supports around me. Well I have a lot of work todo so I better get to it.

Until Then…