Today is one of those day where I just don’t feel like I have much to share or relate. So I guess I will tell you a little story about what happened at the Dentist today. First of to recap, I start my day at roughly 330 in the AM. I did pretty well last night and got to bed at about 1030ish. So honestly I was pretty tired today but I made it through my work day with the assistance of a very strong cup of a substance resembling coffee. Then I came home, chatted with a friend before stealing a 35 minute power nap then off to the dentist. I was still mildly groggy from my power nap when I arrived at the dentist and one of the first things they have you do after getting you into their chair of torture is have you fill out a post card with your name and address which they send to you as a remind in 6 months. Well I began to fill in my name got my first name down no problem then got four letters in to my last name S T R A and somehow the C that was next looked like and E but I continued with the E and then tried to fix the second E which was right and not the first one and then said forget this and finished out my name and still managed to add two more extra letters. I think when I was all finished my name read Ivy Straecenener. Yeah I have problems, its called lack of sleep.
It still makes me laugh I spelled my own name wrong, now how is that for a brain fart. But hey everyone else gets it wrong why can’t I, It’s actually my name to do with as I please. Maybe this was an attempt at creative signatures or perhaps interruptive name spelling. Either way it happened and I got to laugh at myself. Have a great day.
Until Then…