I am a deeper well then you can swim in

I am a rushing current of emotions

I am a stronger tower then you have ever tried to siege

I am fragile like porceline

I weap when I am strong

And laugh when I break

Mysteries make up my dreams

And dreams fill my days

Battles waged with words

And weapon of silence clash

Your eyes and lips haunt my visions

Oh how the time has passed

Find me in a place unnamed

Take me to land far away

Kiss me with your words

Speak with actions of tender love

There is much left to say but so little I can do

Know that when my body is at its stillest my mind races the fastest.

Fear guides me to my victory

And mans praise leads me to my foley.

I am rarely understand

But told I am not confusing

I am structured out of irony

And clothed in confusion

Until Then…