Draw a line and live above it. If you want to be more set the standard higher. If your content being mediocre don’t bother with standards just do what make you feel good. And if you want to continue being mediocre that fine just don’t drag me down with you and don’t be surprised when I don’t listen to what you have to say. I am trying to achieve something far greater than what this world thinks I am capable of so I don’t have time for your excuses and cop out. Call me whatever you want, I don’t care I am going to live above the line and that is that.
Don’t try and tell me that lots of people do this or that, I am not them and don’t ever plan to be. I am not like everyone else, I live far above the norm and I will achieve greater things because of it. Yeah it’s gonna be hard but nothing great was achieved because it was easy. All things worth doing and having take tremendous amount of hard work and heart.

But also know this, if I love you and see great potential in you I will call you up to live a life if a higher caliber. I will call you to the carpet when I think you are living below the line. I will not reject you when you fail or stumble I will be there to support you. I will not make excuses for you or lower my standards but I will love you. My love is the kind that if you stick around long enough you will become a better and greater you. If you stay or if you go is up to you but know this I will expect the best you have to offer but I will never love you less for being less.

Until Then…