I have really been holding onto this idea lately, especially since I decided California is in my nearish future. It is very easy to see and focus on all the things that could keep me from being able to do this and all the things that could go wrong. I have discovered that its just as simple to think about negative things as it is to think about positive things you just have I know what the positive things are. I would wager that most of us focus in the negative aspects if a situation more simply because they are the easiest thing I see. The positive things are often hidden or more abstract. Stop right now for a moment and focus on a situation that has been on your mind and look past what is staring you in the face. Look past the odious problems, the negatives and see what positive and beneficial things lie beneath the surface. What can this situation teach me, what new thing can I learn here, what is good about it, what is working? There is always something good and positive to take from everything even if it is just that the problem is temporary.
Starting thinking about the good and stop focusing on the things you can’t change or have no control over.
Live today fully, it will only happen once.

Until Then…