It is strange to me how one week ago, before going to California, I hated my job. It brought me no joy or fulfillment. Now that my perspective on life has changed I no longer see it as a burden. Now that I have made up my mind to moved to Laguna beach California my perspective has changed greatly. When you realize that your current situation really is temporary and you aren’t as stuck as you thought everything changes. It’s easier to get up at 330 in the morning, it’s easier to forgo spending money on movies and eating out when you see something bigger and better on the horizon, even if it’s one of the scariest things you have ever done.
I am terrified to move to California, but something deep down in the lowest pit of my stomach keep stirring and saying, but think of all the wonder, think of all the adventures, think of all the dreams that are waiting for you there. And then I smile and tell myself, “how hard could it really be?”
I am walking through the process right now, facing the reality of my choice and ALL the emotions that go with it. Its going to be an intense ride, but I have bought my ticket and I’m gonna ride this train to the end of the line.

Until Then…