Been thinking about hope a little today and its two fold nature. Hope is a powerful emotion and a painful one. There is great power in it because it brings light into places that seam like the sun will never rise on again. It also gives strength to the weary and a future to the desolate but it can also rob you of joy and comfort when your hopes are disappointed or deferred. There is a proverb that says  “Hope deferred makes the heart sick” I have so been there.

I have a wonderful gift to hope again hope and then keep hoping even when the appointed time for that hope to have been fulfilled has passed completely. This is a great gift in many ways. I hold on and believe a lot longer and stronger than most but I also crash a lot lower and harder sometimes too. When I eventually get back up and dust myself off I go right back to hoping against hope again for the next big dream my heart falls in love with. So maybe it’s not the hoping that hurts me so much but when the hope and stubbornness come side by side. That is a dangerous combination, hopeful and stubborn, but I would not be me without it.

Until Then…