I heard an interesting story today about batting and trapping crabs. To catch crabs all you need to do is bait them with food into the cage and your cage doesn’t even have to be that elaborate just a wire cage or pot with a hole in the top, the crabs smell the bait and start pilling in. Once the crabs have consumed the bait they will not leave the cage and actually if one of the crabs tries to climb out the other crabs will pull it back down, if that crab tries again, they will pull off its arms and if it continues to try to climb free they will kill it.

My first reaction to this was, Holy Cow Crabs are Mean! but as I thought about it more I started to think if people in my life that done this to me, people that tried to pull me down when I was fighting to get out of something. But what really hit me was how I began to see how I have done this to people. How I have had friends that told me their dream and how they were going to get out of this small town and how they were going to achieve amazing things and instead of pushing them on into there dreams, giving them extra momentum and support I said things like, ‘wow that a really hard industry to get into,’ and ‘you know that doesn’t pay very good,’  and even on occasion ‘I hope that works out for you’. I wish I could go back a change what I said to those people and support them regardless of the out come of their actions. I used to only support people I actually thought would succeed at what they where doing but really they are not the ones who really need the most support it’s the ones who bit off more than anyone could chew, it’s the ones who are crazy enough to dream bigger than we can imagine, its the ones who are scared to death but ready to go for it that need our love and support. Who cares if they fail, they have tried something wonderful and have grown and learned things that most never will, that is the point and why should I ever pull someone down of the top of a ladder, because it’s not a step, if they are reaching for the stars. Stop pulling people off of ladders and roof tops, start holding the legs of the ladders they stand on, and if you are able buy them a taller ladder. But for Pete’s sake don’t shake the ladder and sneer at them when they fall. Don’t be a crab.

Until Then…