To say to someone “I love you” can be so powerful, I have had times in my life and day where those three words have changed everything. To know that you are loved can give you the courage and confidence to face anything this world can throw at you. But today I have an interesting realization about the relationship of love and hate. You may not realize it but there is very little that separates the two ideas. Love is an action verb, it is not just what you say but what you do. There are people that tell me they love me, but do nothing in the form of an action to solidify it, I do not feel love from them, their intent my be genuine but their love is not deep, on the other side there are people who have never said the words “I love you” and I know, from there actions, that they love me deeply and dearly. Love is more then words. I believe it must have action. So what is “love” without action? I suggest to you that it is hate. It may not be hate of me, it could be hatred for self. What could possibly compel people to say they love and not act in love? Self doubt, fear, low self-esteem, what are those things other than hatred of ones self. So I would say to you today, Love minus action is hatred.

Thats pretty intense I know but it makes me want to follow up all my “I love you’s” with actions. I want my love to not only talk but to do. So let your love be actions.

Until Then