I have a theory about life that I want to share with you, I believe that all the really big moment in life are disguised as trivial and mundane moments. Look at it like this, most people say that your wedding day is on of the biggest moments of your life, one of the biggest life decisions. I disagree, it was actually the day you decided to try a new coffee shop, or the day you when to a new restaurant, its is that decision that you made on a day that seamed normal and like any other that put you in the path of your spouse. I say its the little decisions that we make everyday that are really the big moments. I have found myself waiting on this hyped up moment that will change my life when really every day with every decision I have the power and potential to change my life. My next trip to the store could be my biggest moment of change, or sitting at my usual table at Starbuck or maybe the flat tire I might get in a week, who knows when it will happen but I promise you this it will take you by surprise and I wouldn’t want it any other way. All the truly big moments in life when we look back started out as a very simple choice. So when you find yourself doubting your future remember that your next more on the chess board of life could change everything. Don’t let fear and doubt keep you from moving on, because it could be the next move that starts you on the road to what you have been waiting for. Never be afraid to live your life. See potential and possibility in the rain and hope and joy in the sunshine and life will start to look brighter.

Until Then…Keep Moving