Your Guardian Angel

I have been listening to this song a lot lately, probably why I am so ready to be done with life’s games and just want Mr. Millionaire to come along. Actually thats not his name. My poor man has already been nicknamed “The Flake” and he isn’t even here to defend himself. This “The Flake” business started quite a few years ago after by brother got married. My mom wanted to buy a christmas stocking for Jeneah to match the 4 we already had, well as the universe would have it she could not find a matching one, so she bought two, planning ahead, she deamed the new stockings Michael and Jeneahs, and the stocking that was formerly Michael’s would become whom ever I marry’s stocking. So since we now had 6 stocking to hang on the mantle and only 4 stocking hanger that read “HOPE” we needed either a two more letters that would spell a christmasy word using the letter we already had or by stocking hooks for each end that had christmas themes stuff on them. After a great deal of looking around we found two such stocking hooks, my mother then turned to me and asked. “Well, which one should we give to Jeneah?” I quickly replied without hesitation. “Jeneah should have the star because ‘The Flake’ isn’t here yet.” Sorry babe, you have been marked for life, but hey we already have a stocking and a great snowflake hook to hang it on.

Until Then…