Dear Life,

I wish to inform you that as of now, I, Ivy Stracener, will no longer be playing your game. I don’t want to play anymore. No more shinny distractions for me. Mr. Millionaire you can come get me know, I feel that I have reached the place within myself that we can meet and do our thing now. So fuel up your jet, head it toward Glacier International Airport and put on the after burners. You can find me at Kalispell Regional Medical Center in the laundry, I’ll be the pretty one, who drives the big truck, if you reach Maintenance or the Wood Shop you have gone to far, just ask for directions.


The Love of Your Life


P.S. If you are not a millionaire yet that is still ok and you can still find me in the same place, but hurry, I will not be here forever. XOXO