I am a flame

and will burn

I will burn from the inside out

Thou it maybe small, this flame inside is rising

It will rise to burn away the fear, burn away the pain

I will stock the flame with all my regrets

I will throw my failure on the fire

To burn brighter than the sun

An all consuming fire

Burn with me

See the fire in my eyes

As I charge into battle

Take the spark and burn again

For the dreams you lost in the darkness

Burn again with raging flames of passion

For the truth you once watered down

Let it blister your calloused skin

Feel the warmth of it again

Let me light your way

With the flame that will not decay

Let me burn away all the pain

Leave the ashes for the wind to blow away

Lets us see what lies beneath

Let the flames show who you are

Burn, Burn, Burn With Me