So here we have it the first installment of the Cell Phone Etiquette, that really should be taught in schools now, although this could quickly become my personal pet peeve list.

We are going to cover basic Cell Phone Rules, yes they are rules and should be treated as steadfast and unchangeable.

#1. When you are in public and planning to make a call, be discreet, go off to the side, leave the crowded room you are in, the people in the room where you are may not care but think of the person on the other side of the phone too, they may not be so happy if they have to fight for your attention, especially if you called them.

#2. Either hang up before the voicemail message is completed so no voicemail is left or actually leave a message. There is nothing worst then having a voicemail and getting all the way too it just to hear them hang up. So message or no message.

#3. When you receive a call in public be polite and excuse yourself and take it in private for the respect of all. Or if you choice to not answer make sure you then put your phone on silent if it isn’t already, but when you do have a moment call back or text the person who called you, acknowledge and explain.

#4. ACKNOWLEDGE AND EXPLAIN: this is probably the best advice I can give when it comes to a cell phone, acknowledge that you know they called and explain why now is not a good time. I have found this helps in so many areas, If you are forthcoming and polite with people they generally do the same. You will encounter people from time to time who overstep your boundaries of how often and when they call, in situations like this the first thing you have to do is inform them, politely that calling at this time is not going to result in you answering (I am at work, Its family time, its bed time etc.) and if you want you could help them find a time that is good to call. On the other hand if you wish for them to not call at all, you must find a polite way to say I do now wish for you to call me anymore, and it is then and only then that completely ignoring there attempts to contact you is allowed. If someone does not know you  want them to stop calling you have no right to get angry or frustrated with them over it.

This is a very challenging and tricky topic but if you have any farther questions or inquires please fell free to contact me and I would love to give my advice on the subject. I am sure there will be more in this topic soon, Text Message Etiquette coming soon!

Until Then…