I say a hero cannot die,

because they are more then what

bones and blood and flesh can hold

A hero’s life is lived in the times when no one wins

In war and wrath and death’s den

A hero stand for the things that we forget

For peaceful sleep and hope again

A hero’s life is simply this

To live as right can give

I see heroes everyday but never say their names

I see that full time mother with two jobs

Who still has time for Bed time stories

I see the father who rises early and works late

So on saturday he’s at the game

Heroes wear clothes like you and I

But they were the most important thing of all

There soul upon there sleeve for all to see

Heroes are the forgotten ones,

Those who stand in shadows,

The ones who die to young

Heroes live inside us all

But will you let the selfish fall and

See what lies beneath it all….


Until then…