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Day three








Great day, was a little to cloudy to lay out at the beach but ate do good food at fisherman’s and then met up with my California boys Andrew and Tyler. Had a great time laughing and remembering our childhood. I just want all you ladies to know there are still good men in the world I just hung out with two of them.
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California Trip- day two















Day two, busy day but great day too. Participated in a walk to raise money for cystic fibrosis Walk around the harbor. Held some cool birds and meet some really neat people thanks to Levi the wolf. Touched a starfish a sea urchin a sea cucumber, soo cool. And am now hanging out by a fire about to hit the sauna and jacuzzi. More tomorrow.
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California Day One -Airports






So in order we have Missoula Airport, flying over Zoo Town the next is some where between Montana and Denver and the last two are of the sunset I got to see from the air.

Got into Orange County a little ahead of schedule. My bag lost a wheel in transit but such is the nature of travel. But hey I made it to california and its time to soak up the sun. More soon to come.

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So I think I have everything in my bag for my trip to California, or at least I hope I do. There is really only one way to find out if I remembered everything, go to California. I have my wallet, my new iPhone and 5 swimsuits, 2 pairs of flip flops, sunscreen, and my camera. Yeah that about covers all the important things. Well get ready cuz you are coming on vacation with me if you like it or not. I make no promises or predictions. As the Beatles said “Here Comes the Sun”

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April 25, 2012 Hope

Been thinking about hope a little today and its two fold nature. Hope is a powerful emotion and a painful one. There is great power in it because it brings light into places that seam like the sun will never rise on again. It also gives strength to the weary and a future to the desolate but it can also rob you of joy and comfort when your hopes are disappointed or deferred. There is a proverb that says  “Hope deferred makes the heart sick” I have so been there.

I have a wonderful gift to hope again hope and then keep hoping even when the appointed time for that hope to have been fulfilled has passed completely. This is a great gift in many ways. I hold on and believe a lot longer and stronger than most but I also crash a lot lower and harder sometimes too. When I eventually get back up and dust myself off I go right back to hoping against hope again for the next big dream my heart falls in love with. So maybe it’s not the hoping that hurts me so much but when the hope and stubbornness come side by side. That is a dangerous combination, hopeful and stubborn, but I would not be me without it.

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This is not a Step

My father does not believe or acknowledge this sign on any ladder, he has often used the “not a Step” portion of a ladder as a step and also as platform for reaching high heights. It used to be a Christmas tradition in my family to go and cut down our Christmas tree and then bring it home a decorate it. For those of you who don’t know much about my family I will tell you a little secret, we don’t really do anything on a small scale. Our Christmas trees where 18 feet tall. Yes, 18 feet that about 2 stories of a house; Yes this tree was inside and we covered it with lights and ornaments. Actually my father wrapped each tree branch with lights. How you say? My father would say “Very Carefully” but I will give you the really answer. He would set of a 12 foot ladder in the living room beside the tree and then using the “not a step” portion of the ladder he would lay a solid oak door from the top of the ladder over to the Railing that ran around the kitchen. But we didn’t stop there he would then place a chair, that spun on top of that.  Talk about not using things to their factory specifications, But it did the job. My mom told me that one of the first years we did this I came up from the basement while dad was standing on top of his home made scaffolding and asked, quite calmly, “If daddy dies, can I get a new daddy for Christmas?” And we still continued to get 18 foot trees for about another 10 years, until the year my dad had a nasty skiing accident where he hurt his shoulder. We already had the tree up but we had to take it down. Before this we would just take everything off the tree and lower it down and take it out the front door But this year my dad had a new idea. He said, “Lets take the tree down one limb at a time.” Not a bad idea, but did the mention the shoulder injury and the mega pain killers? Oh yes they were involved too. So we commenced with tree disassembly, It was all well and good until the gardening shears came out. All the ornaments got off the tree just fine but we lost a few lights to impaired shear operator. To this day my father says he only cut one strand of lights, but I was there and that years we lost at least 4 strands of light. It wasn’t long after that we moved and my parents bought a 12 foot prelight tree, but thats a story for another day, lets just say I wasn’t a happy camper.

You know those people in your life that reach for the stars, i always see them standing on the top step of a ladder reaching, body fully extended and just barely maintaining balance. How often do we walk by them and bump there ladder causing them to crash to the ground never to regain the dreams they were reaching for? I think its about time we start to hold there ladders steady, just because you are to afraid to climb up on that ladder and reach for something thats just out of reach doesn’t mean you can’t stay on the ground were its “safe” and support someone. If your not a risk taker, support someone who is, encourage them, hold there ladder, or maybe buy them a taller one. There are ways to be a part of the amazing things that other are achieving where you are still safely on the ground. Athough I am a child never climb up on the homemade scaffolding to decorate or tree, I helped my dad by staying on the ground and keeping the lights from getting tangled and holding the ladder. I supported him and I was apart of what he did and I would never trade that time with my father.

Just because you don’t have a dream so big that it will take all you have to even reach out toward it doesn’t mean you can’t be apart of something world changing. There are plenty of young people especially that need someone to hold there ladder while they reach out for there wild and crazy dreams. They are closer to you than you think, you don’t have to go anywhere, they might be right next door, they maybe your own children, or grandchildren, or maybe a niece or nephew. I promise you if you keep your eye, ears and heart open you will find someone to support. Go out and see who is standing on there “Not A Step”

Until then…

Don’t Be A Crab


I heard an interesting story today about batting and trapping crabs. To catch crabs all you need to do is bait them with food into the cage and your cage doesn’t even have to be that elaborate just a wire cage or pot with a hole in the top, the crabs smell the bait and start pilling in. Once the crabs have consumed the bait they will not leave the cage and actually if one of the crabs tries to climb out the other crabs will pull it back down, if that crab tries again, they will pull off its arms and if it continues to try to climb free they will kill it.

My first reaction to this was, Holy Cow Crabs are Mean! but as I thought about it more I started to think if people in my life that done this to me, people that tried to pull me down when I was fighting to get out of something. But what really hit me was how I began to see how I have done this to people. How I have had friends that told me their dream and how they were going to get out of this small town and how they were going to achieve amazing things and instead of pushing them on into there dreams, giving them extra momentum and support I said things like, ‘wow that a really hard industry to get into,’ and ‘you know that doesn’t pay very good,’  and even on occasion ‘I hope that works out for you’. I wish I could go back a change what I said to those people and support them regardless of the out come of their actions. I used to only support people I actually thought would succeed at what they where doing but really they are not the ones who really need the most support it’s the ones who bit off more than anyone could chew, it’s the ones who are crazy enough to dream bigger than we can imagine, its the ones who are scared to death but ready to go for it that need our love and support. Who cares if they fail, they have tried something wonderful and have grown and learned things that most never will, that is the point and why should I ever pull someone down of the top of a ladder, because it’s not a step, if they are reaching for the stars. Stop pulling people off of ladders and roof tops, start holding the legs of the ladders they stand on, and if you are able buy them a taller ladder. But for Pete’s sake don’t shake the ladder and sneer at them when they fall. Don’t be a crab.

Until Then…