As the  battlefield rises into our view, we mount the last hill on our path.

When each man scales the final steps to the summit of that hill they freeze,

Some in shock of the army that seemed to be swarming in the far end of the valley

 Which we were to enter, others in awe of the places beauty.

A trumpet sounds and recalls the memories of the dawn of this day.


I had been standing outside my family’s thatched roof home when

The call for battle arose from the Royal Palace.

Then all the warriors who were ready and willing assembled.

Some were old and seasoned,

Others were young and timid.

Then there I stood,

Ready to do battle with our enemy,  

And believing that I was prepared to do what was necessary.


The march for the battleground began not long after we assembled.

The journey ahead was long and our enemy was also on the move.

As we marched we could hear the sound of the King’s attendants.

They chanted, singing and proclaiming,

With horns, cymbals and stringed instruments.

  Some of the warriors joined in the song,

Others marched along quietly.

Then I sang with the chorus

As I joined in I felt courage fill my heart and strengthen my arm.


The armor of the warriors was as diverse as the people.

Men and Women marched united in rank.

The fully-armed warriors lead the march.

They wore helmets, breastplates, belts and shoes.

They carried shields and swords;

A few had horns and wore long cloaks.

Some had full armor and many only pieces.

Then I came,

I had my sword by my side,

I had been trained to use it and had drawn it many times

But never in battle.

My arm was strong to wield it and not hesitant to strike.

I also carried my shield on my back,

It is a priceless gift given me by my father.

It has been passed down from generation to generation and

Now I carry it with honor and respect.

My helmet and breastplate glistened in the sun

And a well worn but still sturdy leather belt hung at my waist.

My feet where protected by shoes,

Not the sandals I have worn most of my life,

But shoes with thick soles and a covering of leather and metal.

 Behind me there walked many warriors who where unarmed and already weary.

Great numbers look as if they were already wounded.


The pace of our march remained steady and more grew wearier.

The battle ground was still a great distance away.

As midday passed the King left His position at the head of His army to come and

encourage His people.

He rode on a white horse;

His armor is the best constructed and most glorious of all the warriors.

In battle gear our King was mightier and more fierce than any man

That ever had entered a battle.

In battle He would charge the enemy lines and

Drive them back with the sound of His coming;

Yet every child that sees His face

Runs freely into His waiting arms.

He is a father, grandfather, brother and dear friend to many.

The movement of the men around me brings my mind back and

I am enveloped with the sight of an army of black figures, knights

That all swarm and surge around another figure at the rear of the force.

My eyes cannot see who it is but I know it is their Prince.

My eyes turn to the mountains which form this valley-battlefield.

For all the darkness that valley contains, it’s imposing beauty gives me courage.

We continue down the hill into the valley and prepare ourselves for the long-anticipated battle.