We will all have one of those moments, like I did today. Maybe you have already had one or maybe it’s a daily thing for you now, but sooner or later we will all get there. What moment am I taking about, Oh that moment where you realize, I really am getting older.

Today I was at work and as part of my job I pick up a newspaper from Material Management to take to Cancer Treatment Center, it a daily thing, I drop off the mail, grab a paper and throw it on my cart then when I get in the elevator and have a moment I glance over the front page. Today was like all the rest, I’m in the elevator by myself and I look down at the newspaper and I exclaim. “I know that guy, I went to school with his sister!” And it hit me, I am getting old, I’m only 26 but right now that feels so old and I might be just a touch crazy for talking to myself.

There are so many times where 26 just doesn’t fell very old to me, like when I think about a Career, Marriage, Kids and that monstrous expression “Settling Down”; all of those things make me feel very young and unprepared but the moment the words “I know that guy I when to school with his sister” fly from my mouth I feel like I am ten years farther down the line. My parent and grandparent say stuff like that, not me and my 25 ish year old friends. It was a very unsettling start to my day and has been bothering me since about 7:15 this morning. I hope to distract myself from it very soon here with some weekend fun.

Until Then…