In my mind there is really only one thing that exemplifies childhood to me, Ice Cream; and in my childhood there was only two places to go for proper Ice Cream: Baskin Robbins and Dairy Queen. Baskin Robbins was my families sit down and have family time ice cream place, there weren’t a lot of table or room and most people just got there two scoops and let but when I was a kid we alway sat down and ate it right there. Whatever one flavor of there 31 that I chose I had it topped with mini gummy bears. This wasn’t the only time gummy bears and I crossed paths, but this initial gummy bears and ice cream shaped our relationship greatly, this is also when I realized gummy bears taste better frozen. But the most fun I had with gummy bears was with Josh Gesler.
Josh and I ran the sound booth at youth church back in the day, he did PowerPoint and I ran sound. The sound booth was in the back of the building and over looked the sanctuary. We used to set up an eleven foot tall divider to keep the kids close to the stage, well one day while prepping for a service Josh and I found a Costco size bag of gummy bears in a desk drawer and being the “responsible” people we where we decided to wait for the preaching portion of the service and see if we could chuck a few gummy bears over the divider. We spent most of the beginning part of the night speculating about the results of our plan and then the time came for us to actually give it a try. Josh being a better shot than I went first, he cleared the divider, the four rows of chairs and his bright green gummy bear bounced of the edge of the stage unnoticed. It was my turn now, I chose a clear gummy bear and let her fly, it cleared the divided but not the last row of seat before the stage striking one of our overly important leader in the back of the head, there head spun around so fast I was sure it was going to snap off and that was the last I saw because Josh pulled me down to the floor and out of laser beam’s eye site. Moral: Gummy Bears are fun for all ages.

Dairy Queen was the favorite hangout after a school function, teacher meetings, band and choir concerts, awards night, championship ball games, anything that had to do with school was celebrated or commemorated at Dairy Queen also any unpleasant experience, shots, filled cavities, jumping off the high diver, getting stitches, all those painful things about growing up. As a child my brother and I always got small Nerd blizzards at Dairy Queen, they where colorful and just a little wired. I remember that I used to save the nerds out of my blizzard, I would fish them out of my mouth as I ate the ice cream and pill them on a napkin and then eat a handful of them all at once. Now being an adult this practice seams a little gross but as a kid it was so much fun.

When your a kid Ice Cream fixed everything, it was the one stop miracle shop, everything was fine if we could have ice cream afterwards, I want to go back to the day where it was that simple. Now I get a single scoop of ice cream plain, no gummy bears and when I go to DQ it’s because I’m craving a Mud Pie blizzard that really doesn’t make anything better. We must grow up in many ways but I say never out grow the joys of Ice Cream.

Until Then…