We are like unrefined diamonds, we start our lives as an undefined mass, but hidden inside is something precious and with incalculable value, but unless we cut away the useless things, no one will be able to see the value underneath. As we go through our lives we are gifted with opportunities to cut away those things that hide our nature from the world, it is often a painful or trying process. But it doesn’t stop there, diamonds have many facets and not only do you have to cut away the impurities but sometimes bit of the stone must be cut way so that it can reflect light and life in a brilliant fashion. Those bit of diamond that are cut away are no less pure diamond than the part that remains but by keeping those parts the value of the whole is brought down. It is in those times of cutting away pieces of ourself and refining who we really are that we begin to grow and find the unique things in ourselves and our special place in this world.

I believe all the truly great and interesting people are multi-facets, so much so that no one person can fully know them, unless they have lived a lifetime with that person and continue to delve deeper into who they are. Each of my friends knows a slightly different facet of me, they all see the main facets of my life, how I dress, how I talk, what I like, what irritates me, but each one of them has also discovered a different part of who I am, they have shined a light on a different line or side of my life and have in return found a treasure that was hidden from the world. I too have experienced this with my friends as well. Thats part of the reason why we have the friend we always do this or that with and the friend that we do this or that with.

The people I love the deepest are those whom I have seen there many sides, I have sene life shine light through them in different way and have discovered things I never knew resided in them. I remember looking into a friends eyes one night and seeing deep with him like I had never see into him before, that night he had cut away a piece of himself, sacrificed it really, to become something greater and I was there in that moment when the light first struck that facet of him, that had always been there but was now revealed to world. It was almost frightening, but yet exhilarating.

I am now sitting here again with a chisle in my hand, knowing that there is a piece of me that need to be removed so that my value can shine out and I can more forward but I am afraid, I am not ready to cut this piece away just yet but the moment will come and my hand will be ready to shave of what I now longer require so that I can reveal to the world what I do possess.

Until Then…