I believe that we all have had a moment in our life where we had to hang up our cleat, either literally or figuratively. I’m not talking about something that you just happened to give up, or stop doing, I am talking about that thing that was the world to you for season or it truly was your world. It could be an activity like sports, or maybe it was something more passive, like saturday morning breakfast with the gang, but whatever it was it was hard to give up.

I read a blog yesterday from a man who played baseball in college but due to an injury he was force to hang up his cleat and he literally hung them over his door and they still hang there today. This left such and impression on me. He hung up as a reminded and a motivation something that reminds him of the game he can no longer play. He used his sadness and pain to remind him daily to alway give everything he has, because one day it will be gone.

I looked at my own life and think of all the different cleats i have “hung up”. Honestly I chucked them in the back of the closet or shoved them in a box so I would never have to be reminded of the pain of losing those things and in doing that I have thrown out or hide away all the things that I loved about them, all the things that made it so hard to give of and I have forgotten so many of the details, the memories that make them apart of me.

I was thinking last night as I laid in bed looking at the space over my door, what “cleat” should I hang there as a reminder? I have some searching in my closet to do but I am confident I will find what I have lost.

I encourage you to think over the things you have thrown aside and see what you have lost but mostly as you continue on in life and you are forced one way or another to hang up your cleat, Do it, Hang them up, don’t carelessly throw them away, it was something that was and still is a part of you. Nail those bad boys to the wall and look to them everyday, especially the days when you feel like you have nothing left to give and let them remind you that whatever you are going throw or doing is temporary and will only last for a season. Seize it and put you heart into it.

Until then…