David Cook_Circadian[Walmart Soundcheck]

I spent all day yesterday trying to find the right soundtrack for my day. For me music and mood are strongly connected. It took me until 8pm to find the music my mood wanted to hear. I had a fantastic day, played basketball with the guys, I almost shot the light out, but before playing Ball with the guy I had the gym all to myself for about a half hour. Any day that starts with basketball is a great day. Than did some clean and boring nessicaries around the house, got to use some of my impressive construction skills as well. I love power tools! Then did some writing, yesterdays poem was the product of that, it’s not finished but I couldn’t help but share it. “Do You Suppose” actually come out of a song line from Out Loud by Dispatch. Music had a heavy influence on my life, it is a very, very rare day that I don’t listen to music for several hours. I have to have music on in the car, even when I have a passenger, its low, but its still there.

The Video above it what finally hit the spot for me, David Cook, probably, no definitely in my top ten favorite artists. The album this is from is his second called “This Loud Morning” and its truly the “gestation period” of a relationship as David said himself. Circadian is that dream like state where you aren’t sure what’s real and what’s dream. This album carries you through all the iconic and tragic moments a relationship can go thru and for some odd reason it resinated with me again. I am not in a relationship or fresh out of one but it touched my soul just where it needed to be. It brought back a sense of peace and comfort. At the very center of this album is a song called “The Last Goodbye” its that moment when you decide that this is the last time I will let myself go back to them or this is the last time I will let them come back to me. But it the next two songs that are probably my favorites “Paper heart” and “Four Letter Word”.

Both of these songs have great imagery, that I will let you discover on your own time. There is one more rather musically intriguing feature of this album. The opening chimes on Circadian is brought to a close at the end of the last track, “Rapid Eye Movement” Bookends if you will. So if you wish to put the album on repeat it flows almost seamlessly back to the start.

David Cook-Rapid Eye Movement

Until Then…