I see you through the crowd
Teeth clenched, fighting against the fray
Restlessly I watch your stubborn plight
Your lips perched, But I wait

Do you know I would save you?
Do you know I would hold you tight?
Do you know I would defend you?
Do you know that I would let you win?
Do you know that I stand and wait to see my name on your lips?

You pushed away my helping hand,
So I watched and waited
Even when you raged against me
I won’t leave you alone
Someday you will find the strength to let go of the fight
But until then I won’t take anything away from you
I will only give

But do you know I see your strength?
Do you know I treasure your beauty?
Do you know I would give you everything you ask?

I see you know on your knee
Tear welling up in your eyes
I swore I would wait for you to call to me
You close your eyes and clench your fists
Ready to scream, I can feel your frustration like it is my own

How much longer will you keep me away
I will not steal your strength
I will only add to it
I would give you all my courage,
take what you need from me

Your fists beat the ground, defiant
I know what you are thinking
Even when you voice is silenced
Just say my name…

You cover your face to hide the tears
I can’t wait a moment longer
I don’t care if your mad at me
You will not be alone any longer

I left my perch, my little hide away
Pushing past the people that have beaten you down
I approach silent and slow
I kneel infront of you
I reach out one hand to stroke your jet black hair
and I hear my name like a whisper on the wind
drift from your lips between the sobs

I run my fingers through your hair
You raise your head, and realize I came before you called
I braised my heart for a backlash
But all that come where more tears

“Did you suppose I would not come?”