*This is a follow up on my post from yesterday call “Self Respect”*

Definition of Respect: “A feeling of deep admiration for someone, or something elicited by their abilities, qualities and achievements.”

I was told today by a fellow blogger, “When you are unafraid and announce to the world “yes I am having a really hard time!” you in turn set yourself free, but it must be coupled with action.” (Thanks you Evan Sanders) I took action today, when I should have 5 months ago. I decided that respecting myself was more important than a relationship that I really didn’t have anymore. When you have no respect for yourself no one else will feel call or required to respect you either. I have grown tired of allowing people to walk all over me because I am a kind a forgiving person. I will not stop being kind, loving, open and forgiving, but I will not let those attributes become a excuse to be mistreated and used. I deserver to be treated better than that simply because I am a human being. Not to mention how amazing a women I am. Dang, I am Freaking Amazing, and if you don’t want to be around amazing or loved by amazing, or friends with amazing that is your lose.

I do not know the full ramifications of my “action” yet but I do know this, I feel stronger than I have in months. I feel like I can stand up in any place and not be ashamed of the choice I have made. I will tell anyone what I have chosen to do and encourage them to do the same in my situation without hesitation. There is no reason in all the universe to allow anyone to treat you as anything less then the most valuable person alive.

I want to speak specifically to the ladies right now, if you do not demand and expect a man who says he loves you to treat you like you are worth dying for you will never be loved and respected as you deserve. If he is not willing to die for you then he is not worth marrying and if he is not worth marrying he is not worth having sex with or dating.

Ok Guys its your turn, if you don’t love her enough to die for her, then you should never ask to have sex with her and you sure as hell shouldn’t marry her, and you probably have no business dating her either.

Until you find respect for yourself no one else will respect you either. Demand it, don’t let the things that seam small, that bother you go, if they bother you its worth mentioning. Their are 6 billion people in this world and there is no reason to let one, no even one, be a part of your life, if they don’t respect you as much or more than you do. Never forget that you are worth dying for, simply because you are alive. You are so much more!

Until Then…