How do we have self respect without coming across as need or bitchy? I have found this to be a very hard line to walk. How do I let my friends when they are treating me like crap with out sounding like I am latching onto them or come across as a bitch you should probably just keep her mouth shut.

I know that there I have been times that I told people I would call them back or that we would get together for coffee and I actively choose not to, and also when I genuinely forgot to call. I know I have hurt people with my forgetfulness and by lying about hanging out with them. i will not make excuses about the choices I make but I will say this, some times you just can’t take care of everyone who comes into your life. I am not wonder women.

I know what I should do when I know I won’t be able to spend time with someone, I should be honest with then and as gracious as possible in telling them that I don’t have time right now. But what do I do when I am sitting on the other side of the situation and I know full well that that person doesn’t really want to get coffee, and they won’t remember to call, what do you do? Let them off the hook when they fail, again? Or do you call them on it? Truly what do you do? How do you maintain respect for yourself and hold onto a friendship that you clearly value?

I suppose this is were true friends and people that you sorta know get sorted out. I guess what I am really struggling with is why I have more people I know that I value, then I have true friends. Its been a challenging day trying to decide what to do with a situation that I should have dealt with months ago, that just keeps going thru the same cycle and never changing.

I care for people a great deal and often pay a high price for it. Today I am paying double.

Until Then…