I am having a hard time finding a starting point today for all the things I want to say, there is just so much. The last three days have been pretty interesting, On friday my boss told me about a job that was opening up in the hospital for a supervisor position, she was a little hesitant to tell me because she doesn’t want to lose me, but thought it would a great opportunity for me and a very god fit for my skills and abilities. I have praying a lot lately about going onto the next thing, whatever that maybe. I have been telling the Lord, “Ok I am pretty done with this current job, I am very thankful for it but I feel like I have mastered it, can I move on to the next thing please, whatever that is.” So I  was very surprised and excited when my Boss told me about this possibility for me. I will be writing a letter tonight and handing in the application tomorrow, there are definitely some butterflies swirling around but I am confident that I could learn all that is necessary to fulfill the job requirements. I am really looking to challenge myself and learn new skills, this could be a great thing for me.

Then today I was at church and saw two people that I haven’t seen in about 5 years that where at one point in my life, very important to me. They shaped and loved me in a very difficult season. I was surprised again today by the effects that people have on our lives and I don’t just mean in what they have taught us or shown us. Have you ever had someone in your life that, as long as they where ok, as long as they where around that your world felt right? I believe there are people that become a part of our lives and when they are struggling you feel it in your life, even when their trials have nothing to do with you. I love my church home, but today having those two people there, I felt a comfort and relaxation that I haven’t since they left. It was almost surreal, I just sunk down in my chair and sorta leaned my head on the back of the chair and breathed out thinking ‘my world is right again’ There are people who become such a fundamental part of your heart that your life is not full without there lives being full. There are roughly six people like that in my life, outside of my flesh and blood family, I hope you have people like that in your life as well.

So yeah pretty go weekend over all, just waiting on one last phone call to make it as near to perfect as this world gets.

Until Then…