There are many different rituals associated with death that speak to the character of those buried. For example how they are buried and where, and what monument is placed above them can say a great deal about how they lived or didn’t live there lives. Some time ago I was listening to a speaker that was talking about a warrior tribe that buried its warriors standing. Interesting…

Why would a warrior want to be buried standing? The reason behind this tradition was that a standing warrior was an undefeated warrior. A true warrior, a true fighter never lays down, and never says down. I heard this story so many years ago yet it has stuck with me, the concept of fighting even in death. I remember this speaker having us all stand up and shout, “Bury Me Standing”. It was strange that this phrase came back to me today. I was driving today for work and found myself first whispering that phrase, bury me standing, and then a little louder, Bury me standing and louder yet Bury Me Standing until finally I was shouting it BURY ME STANDING! It quickly is becoming my battle cry. Call up your soul to become the fighting spirit that would shout at the world, I will fight and even if you kill me, they will bury me standing, with sword in hand. I will stand for all of time. I may die young but I will stand even in death, you may live to see old age and when you do they will lay you in the ground on your back, but I will still be standing. Feet planted and ready, I will never be knocked down again. I will be inshrined for all of time, Standing.


There is a fire buring me from the depth of my soul

To the tips of my finger and it will consume me

It will burn away my fear leaving behind hardened strength

I will stand against all my foes, great and small

Visible and unseen

With Fortitude and eyes fixed on the prise

I will hold my sword with a ready hand

I will do battle until my last breath escapes my body

and then you will


To do battle with the dark of night and

I will bring hope to those who pass by me eternal post

They will say

“she was a women who did battle with all things,

The score didn’t alway add up for her,

The world did acknowledge her achievement

But we Buried Her Standing,

because she will never quit.”

Fight, Fight, Fight,

Their is no other way to live

but as a warrior defending the hearts of humanity.

Live this way and they will