While digging in your back yard you find an old bottle capped with a wax sealed cork, you hold it up to the light and see that there is a piece of parchment inside. You bring it inside and after some curious pondering you brake the seal and unroll a aged piece of parchment, the edges are yellowed with time but the ink still stand out clearly on the page. 

Jennifer, My Sweet Jennifer,

As I sit here writing what will be my last thought I do not wish to change anything that led me to this place. I lament that I am not a more learned man that would not have had to stand and make my sacrifice this was. My only and truest regret is that I have left you the harder path of faith in my love, where I have no doubt about your love, you must remember and believe in mine. I want you to always know that as I face the final chapter of my life my thought are wholly on you.  I do not know how hard it will be when I am gone but I do hope that knowing these things will help you through the long and dark nights that I regret are before you. If I could some how change this sacrifice without losing our victory I would gladly do it, if only to see you, once more, before I die. All I wish to leave with you is all the love I would have given you in a lifetime together.  I would have kissed you every morning as the sun rose and everyday I would have reaffirmed the vow I gave to you. I would daily have gotten lost in your eyes and let only you find me. Your voice would be the only music I could hear in all the world; your laughter my sunshine and your smile the diamonds in our night sky.  I would hold your hand and walk with you in the sweet evening air and would whisper the words of love when the moon sailed in the heavens. In the darkness I would hold you and keep you safe until morning came. I will always remember how your eyes sparkle as a smile blooms on your face. I will always be able to hear your laugh as it surrounded me in light. I can smell your hair after you have walked in the forest. I know your love and will never forget it, even in eternity.

When you see the sunrise know that I have painted it for you and when the moon rises know that I have sent it to you. The stars are a smile on my face and the rain are my tears for your pain. When you hear the thunder crash it is a laugh to remind you of happiness. When the wind blows around you it’s me reaching out to you. The whisper on the wind is a song I sing for you. The fog that closes in around you are my arms of protection and comfort surrounding you. The butterfly that lands on your shoulder is a kiss from me. The deer that watches you is a sign to remind you of the better times. Have not doubt about my love for you it is everything that is true. I am always sending my love to you. Watch, listen and remember, my love for you has never changed.