I dream of distant shores, an Island,
Where the fog rolls like waves on the beach and
Rain covers me like silk sheets.
In this land of charm and style,
My life takes place, but only for a while.
When I am there my world is right;
When I have gone,
Leaving behind tearful vows, I feel imprisoned by my fears.
Cities full of life and lush green just outside,
How could I every cry for my other long forgotten home.
Historic beauty aged in modern slang,
Pint fulls of art and music cover the nights,
Where days are empty of crusaders plights.
Mythic men Rob the rich and lions live as pets.
Toast to new beginnings and day past that shaped our hearts.
Your staggering splendor beckons to me in my dreams,
But even more your substance holds my heart.
I am as sure that I will reside inside your boarders for a time,
As I am that death will take my last breath,
But when that day dawns I pray that you honor my last request.
Bury my heart in that land that I made my own.

Until then…