Should we live our lives like a trip to a specific destination or as a wanderers Journey? I will be honest with you I live with a mix of both of these ideas, there are times when I am very focused and dedicated to reaching a specific place or thing, but then there are times in my life where I truly just wandered through and landed where I landed. The fighter in my always wants a goal or prize to reach for and attain but sometimes I feel like I miss out on a lot of adventure and fulfillment by being so focused. I don’t stop and smell the roses enough, its when I get stressed out and overwhelmed by my struggle that I take on the wanderers journey. There is a lot of peace to by had by living that way but also a lot of fear for me. I am a plan person, if I am going to try something new, or go somewhere different I have to make a plan of what I will do when I get there, what I might say, I have to plan, I feel safer and more couragous with my plan, even if it all goes to shit when it comes down to reality, I just have to have a plan. That is probably why Its hard to not have a destination, that is like not having a plan.

I don’t really know how you should live your life but I am going to challenge myself to make less plan and not let stress ruin the wandering and adventure I will be having in the future. I would love to live life as a journey starting today but change doesn’t just happen overnight, although I wish it did. Baby steps, I am a work in progress and I am progressing forward.

Until Then…

P.S. Sorry I didn’t blog yesterday I took a little trip to get away and choose to be disconnected and unreachable for a day. (no phone, no internet) It was liberating and relaxing. But I am back now and on track to blog everyday.