In the last few months I have really been diving into who I am in a very different way than I ever have. I have discovered a great depth to myself that I never reached into before. I am starting to not only understand what I feel but why I feel that way. It has been interesting to look back on what I used to think of myself as and how I used to find personal value and to see how I now find it. Six months ago I found my value in what others thought of me and what I had, as in possessions, now I am beginning to find value in the simple and complex aspects that make up me and just me. I could fill this page with all the strange things that make up me but instead I want to challenge you to make your own list about you. Actually I dare you to make a list of all that things that make up you, who you are, all the experiences that have shaped you, all your likes and dislikes, all your dreams and all your goals, pour them out into a journal, onto a page or into a computer, get it all out there where you can see it.

This poem is something I wrote about a week ago after hearing this line in a song, “I am so much more” I hope that this rough poem help you get into the right mind set to see yourself.

I Am So Much More

…more than a number

…more than a face

…more than a body

…more than my clothes

…more than my IQ

…more than a job

…more than a resume

…more than my current achievement

…more than my social status

…more than my Paycheck

…more than what others say or don’t say about me

…more than a name

…more than where I live

…more than what I drive

…more than who I know


An Untamable Soul

A Glorious Image

A Fighting Spirit

A Fierce Warrior

An Unstoppable Truth

An Unbroken Love


An Unshakeable Dream