I am sorry but I will be departing from the Top Ten theme for today because I feel this topic deserves my full attention today.

Freedom is a word that get thrown around so often, in relationships, in jobs environments, in creative circles, in politics, and in religious areas as well. I would like to take a moment right now to ask you, the reader, to indulge me and read all that I have to say before you make a decision of any kind and also to put aside all preconceived ideas. Please do your best to look at this with fresh eyes and an open mind. If you choose to continue I thank you.

I have heard so many times in my life that there is freedom in Christ, and to be totally open with you, I never believed it or understood it. I have been a follower of Christ since I was very young. I grew up in the church, my father was the assistant Pastor of our church almost my whole life, about 20 years. I went to Christian school, I know all the stuff, I argued theology frequently, I was and am well schooled in biblical doctrine but when people talked about ‘freedom’ in Christ I didn’t understand what they were going on about. How can I be free when they are does and don’t? How is their freedom when someone else being God has plans for me, although those plans are good plan, but still the question stand? How is their freedom?

I was listening to a man speak today, His Name is Doug Lasit, and he walk talking about Freedom in Christ. He finally talked about freedom in a way that made sense to me, but first we need to talk about transparency in our walk with God for this to really make sense. Doug was talking about when Moses returned from the presence of God and his face was glowing. When he first returned from these encounter with God and stood before the people, the people received from him what God had said but as the visible Glow diminish the people knew that Moses would return to God’s presence to receive more. It was in these times that Moses faith in his leadership diminished. So Moses would leave the people and spend time in God’s presence again and return to the people with a glowing face. This cycle continued for a time but as it did Moses lost confidence in his ability and eventually hid is face with a vail from the people. When he did this is when he truly lost his ability to lead. To summarize, when a leader ceases to be transparent with the people he is leading is when he has lost the people. It wasn’t until Moses hid from the people that they stop receiving and listening to him. They hadn’t judged him because he had to continually return to God’s presence, I would say they where grateful, because they could actually see when he had been with the Lord and could have confidence in his words. So often as people we try to hid what is really going on. I know for me I struggle quite often with being transparent about my walk with God. I know its not where or as it should be and often feel that because of that I have no right to answer or even address what others are going thru.

And here is where the Holy Spirit and freedom come in. Although I know my walk with God is not as it should be, I am doing my best to follow the Holy Spirit. And as long as I have the Holy Spirit and try my best, which someday is better than others, to live according to what he Holy Spirit tells me I have the Freedom to mess up, to make a wrong turn because despite all my failure the Holy Spirit is sovereign. He is going to no matter how much I get it wrong, he will get me were I am supposed to be. That is where freedom comes in, when we trying to live by the Spirit of God we are free, we are free to mess up and we aren’t going to miss out on our purpose. So those people we choose not to live a life by the Spirit of God are the ones who are chained and imprisoned by there choices because if they make the wrong decision they will miss out on their purpose but the most amazing thing of all is that even if you are in that place of being chained and imprisoned and held down by your past choices or the choices you are making right now, all you have to do is cry out to God and he will set you free to become something greater than you have yet to imagine.

I have often worried when talking with people who have been burned by the Church or by christians, What if I say something wrong or what if I make things worse? But today I have found courage and liberty in knowing that as long as I am trying to do the will of the Spirit that the Spirit will guide me with what to say. I have freedom to say the wrong thing or say the right thing at the wrong time because no matter what I do God and the Holy Spirit got my back and can clear up any mess I could possible make but also they are daily becoming more and more a part of who I am, just by me stepping out in this true, so that I will make less mistakes. Another way of looking at it is: The more I try, the more I can learn to do it better. I say lets give God as many chances possible to teach us how to do it right instead of waiting until we know how to do it perfectly before we try.

This new understanding has just begun to work its way through all the places in my mind and I know that it will begin to work through yours as well.

Until Then…